Welcome to the Hamfisted Comedy Action Hour!

I’m your host (and DM), AutumnsChild(dan). Let’s meet the players in our game!

First up is the love of my life, my wife-to-be Gleefulfiend. Gleefulfiend has been playing tabletop RPG’s for over twenty years, and she’s a great cook! She’s playing the roles of the cleric (who, like Opie’s brother from Happy Days went upstairs one night, and never came back down.), the Eladrin Wizard, and the Deva Ivoker.

Next up is Rob, who plays the part of the very wise Dwarf Fighter. His cooking is also excellent. He invented bacon brittle.

Finally, our party rounds out with Claw Tigersoul, Razorfang Shifter and Ranger, played by my soon-to-be step son. He is also the enegmatic artist I’ve commissioned for this campaign.

Just to catch you up to date, the players started at level 3, and are currently level 5! If I get a chance to update the campaign with old posts, I’ll do so. Enjoy the ride!

Hamfisted Comedy Action Hour