Hamfisted Comedy Action Hour

Next Week's Adventure!
The placeholdening

This post is GM-only. Tune in next week for a full report of our intrepid heroes as they try to take back their own fort from the forces of a priest gone mad.

40 Dwarves and a Frost Giant

Claw Huntmaster Tigersoul had just finished his trials of manhood. But this is only another beginning for our intreped heroes.

Kobolds under my skin!
You'll never get the smell out

So our noble adventurers began in the town of Fallcrest, see?

Well it didn’t take long for them to get their first quest. A tradesman wanted them to recover an important item stolen from one of his caravans on it’s way to him from the town of Winterhaven. It was a large undamaged tarp of dragon hide.

Apparently, there’s a clan of kobolds that’s getting a little to brave for their britches, and the heros were asked to cull them back to their normal cowardice.

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